Diet doesn’t work

6 min readJun 5, 2021

Hello, my name is Jerry and I have been born overweight. At my birth I was 12 pounds and I have been overweight all of my life.

I am not a doctor, health professional or nutritionist, nor do I claim any authority in any of the subjects I talk about. These are just my ideas and findings based on a lifetime being overweight.

There are many reasons why someone is overweight. We’ll talk about this a little later, but there is only one way to keep it under control in my experience and that is to change your routine. This is exactly the reason why diet does not work. Diet is a temporary change in routine and the moment you stop this change, the old habits will take over again and in the shortest time imaginable you will be back in the same situation as before the diet. Likely you will be worse of because your body has gone through a period in which it did not get what it was used to, so it will store extra calories and fat just in case this happens again. Result, you will get heavier than you were before the diet.

The thing that does work is to change eating and exercise habits.

Let’s talk about the first one.


There are so many bad habits in eating. Snacking, eating on the run, eating as a reaction to stress etc.

It all starts with a mindset. A lot of the things we do, we do on automatic pilot. When we really want to control what we eat, we need to give importance to this idea. How often does it happen that you think, “where does this candy come from that I am chewing”? It all starts being aware of what you are buying and eating. Everything you eat you have to buy first, so let’s start with this.


When I go to the store to buy food I always find some candy or potato chips, Cheetos’s, chocolate or something like that in my bag when I get back home. Even when before I went to the store I told myself not to buy these kinds of things’

The only way I found myself not doing this, is to make a shopping list at home and only look for and at the things on my list when I am at the store.

Even this takes discipline, but fortunately as you force yourself to do this in the beginning it becomes a habit, and it becomes your natural way of going shopping.

For me, this works.

The only other way I know to control what food and snacks get to your house is to have it…


I am a Dutchman living in the rural mountains of Portugal. I traveled a lot in my time and I found in this place everything I would recommend to people.